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Datum : 05/15/15 | Theme : Automotive | Kategorie : Presseartikel

ARaymond, key supplier | Gavalno-Organo - French version

At the last Paris automotive Show, the company again showcased its expertise by participating in the EOLAB project. This new concept car from Renault features an innovative adhesive bonding technology developed by Grenoble-based family-owned company ARaymond. Via Galvano-Organo… [+]

Datum : 05/12/15 | Kategorie : Presseartikel

An open morning to understand machine tool trades at ARaymond | Afdet Isère - French Version

AFDET organised an open morning, including workshop visits and first-hand accounts, to find out all about machine tool trades at ARaymond. Read the article… [+]

Datum : 05/12/15 | Kategorie : Presseartikel

The Big Bang in manufacturing: a challenge for ARaymond | Grenoble Ecobiz - French Version

A page is being turned: ARaymond Group's historic plant, opened in 1865 in the heart of Grenoble, is no longer the Group's standard-bearer. In late 2014, car clipping activity was transferred to a plant with automated production lines in Saint-Égrève Via Grenoble Ecobiz… [+]

Datum : 04/15/15 | Theme : Life | Kategorie : Presseartikel

A new factory to support the growth of ARaymondlife | DeviceMed - French version

ARaymondlife, the ARaymond Network company specialising in plastic injection moulded medical devices, has built a new factory in Saint-Egrève to support the development of its healthcare business. Via DeviceMed  … [+]

Datum : 04/14/15 | Theme : Automotive | Kategorie : Presseartikel

New plant largest ever investment for ARaymond | Fastener & Fixing

A new state of the art ARaymond production plant in Germany, the largest single investment ever made by the company, is on schedule to be fully operational by early 2016. Via Fastener & Fixing  … [+]

Datum : 04/09/15 | Theme : Life | Kategorie : Presseartikel

A new era for ARaymondlife | Présence Grenoble - French version

To continue in its development and support the growth of its customers, the ARaymond Network company dedicated to healthcare has a new factory with a total surface area of 3,700 m2 in Saint-Égrève.   Via Présence Grenoble… [+]