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Datum : 06/19/15 | Theme : Life | Kategorie : Presseartikel

A promising future for ARaymondlife | Le Dauphiné - French Version

In a healthcare market rich in opportunity, ARaymondlife is taking the necessary steps to boost its growth by building a new factory in Saint-Égrève. A site designed to support the expansion of the business. Read the article  … [+]

Datum : 06/11/15 | Theme : 150 YEARS | Kategorie : Presseartikel

ARaymond celebrates its 150th birthday! | Ubifrance - Italian Version

At a time when the industry is seeking to increase its competitiveness and regalvanise itself in a complex global context, 2015 sees the ARaymond Network celebrate its first 150 years. Read the article!… [+]

Datum : 05/28/15 | Theme : Automotive | Kategorie : Presseartikel

Antoine Raymond, the unifier | La Tribune - French version

Antoine Raymond leads a family company, founded in 1865, which is at the forefront of fastening by clipping or bonding, and is backed by a collaborative organisational model. Read the Press Article… [+]

Datum : 05/28/15 | Kategorie : Presseartikel

Grenoble economy: an industrial melting pot like ARaymond | L'Usine Nouvelle - French version

While seeking to evolve its strategies and diversify its business activities, ARaymond retains a strong industrial base in Grenoble. Read the Press Article… [+]

Datum : 05/20/15 | Kategorie : Presseartikel

ARaymond helps to design an innovative mains socket | Le dauphiné - French Version

Four companies from the Rhône-Alpes region including Grenoble-based ARaymond join forces to develop a new type of mains socket. Thanks to magnetic guidance, it will help make life easier and safer for users. Via Le Dauphiné… [+]

Datum : 05/19/15 | Theme : Automotive, 150 YEARS | Kategorie : Presseartikel

ARaymond Network Is Celebrating Its 150th Anniversary | PR Newswire - English version

ARaymond Tinnerman Automotive, Inc. and Rayconnect, Inc., members of the ARaymond Network of companies, are preparing to celebrate the group's 150th anniversary this year. Via PR Newswire… [+]