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Datum : 05/28/15 | Theme : Automotive | Kategorie : Presseartikel

Antoine Raymond, the unifier | La Tribune - French version

Antoine Raymond leads a family company, founded in 1865, which is at the forefront of fastening by clipping or bonding, and is backed by a collaborative organisational model. Read the Press Article… [+]

Datum : 05/19/15 | Theme : Automotive | Kategorie : Presseartikel

ARaymond Network Is Celebrating Its 150th Anniversary | PR Newswire - English version

ARaymond Tinnerman Automotive, Inc. and Rayconnect, Inc., members of the ARaymond Network of companies, are preparing to celebrate the group's 150th anniversary this year. Via PR Newswire… [+]

Datum : 05/15/15 | Theme : Automotive | Kategorie : Presseartikel

ARaymond, key supplier | Gavalno-Organo - French version

At the last Paris automotive Show, the company again showcased its expertise by participating in the EOLAB project. This new concept car from Renault features an innovative adhesive bonding technology developed by Grenoble-based family-owned company ARaymond. Via Galvano-Organo… [+]

Datum : 04/14/15 | Theme : Automotive | Kategorie : Presseartikel

New plant largest ever investment for ARaymond | Fastener & Fixing

A new state of the art ARaymond production plant in Germany, the largest single investment ever made by the company, is on schedule to be fully operational by early 2016. Via Fastener & Fixing  … [+]

Datum : 02/25/15 | Theme : Automotive | Kategorie : Pressemitteilungen

Das Werk der ARaymond Japan* legt die Latte in puncto Effizient hoch

Hochmodernes Werk in der Nähe von Tokyo erweitert seine Kapazität, um Automobilhersteller sowie nicht-Automobilmärkte mit Befestigungslösungen zu beliefern Ergonomische Arbeitsplätze, mehrfach qualifizierte Mitarbeiter und schlanke Fertigungsmethoden machen das neue Werk der ARaymond Japan zu einem der produktivsten se… [+]

Datum : 02/17/15 | Theme : Automotive | Kategorie : Presseartikel

Details of the testimonial by Mr. Philippe Moutardier - Fabrication Manager of the EOLAB vehicle in the CRP department at Renault - English version

ARaymond*: What was the context for the development of the "EOLAB" vehicle? Mr. M.: The Super Alma project, from which EOLAB has originated, is a rather extensive project with an aim to preview Renault's 2020 vehicles: vehicles which will produce much less CO2, due to being lighter, and benefiting from improved aerodynamics. EOLAB … [+]