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Datum : 02/25/14 | Theme : Life | Kategorie : Presseartikel

Raydylyo®, where plastic replaces aluminium caps | Usine Nouvelle -French version

A preferred partner for the development of medical devices and packaging materials, ARaymondlife has recently launched a product developed under its own company name, which perfectly illustrates its teams' innovative capabilities. via  … [+]

Datum : 02/25/14 | Theme : Life | Kategorie : Presseartikel

ARaymondlife opens a new factory | Grenoble-ecobiz - French Version

ARaymondlife, a subsidiary dedicated to Grenoble-based ARaymond Group's pharmaceutical sector, is continuing with its growth for 2014 through the construction of a new factory in Saint-Égrève, enabling it to increase the surface area of its production site threefold (3,700m²), and invest in an automated assembly machine for m… [+]

Datum : 02/25/14 | Theme : Life | Kategorie : Presseartikel

ARaymondlife continues with its growth for 2014 | - French version

An expert in plastics processing over the past 150 years, ARaymondlife, the pharmaceutical branch of the ARaymond network, has recently opened a new factory. via… [+]

Datum : 02/11/14 | Kategorie : Presseartikel

ARaymond stays faithful to limited partnership | - French Version

The Raymond family secures its company’s capital with a limited partnership. via… [+]

Datum : 01/27/14 | Kategorie : Presseartikel

35 Arbeitsjubilare ausgezeichnet | Verlagshaus-jaumann

Es war das letzte Mal dass die Arbeitsjubilare der Firma ARaymond in der firmeneigenen Cafeteria in Weil am Rhein geehrt wurden. Via… [+]

Datum : 01/27/14 | Kategorie : Presseartikel

ARaymond is standardising its information systems with MDM - French version - Ciao-online

With a wide range of services and decentralised structure, ARaymond looks to MDM (Master Data Management) to facilitate and improve the display and use of its data. Via… [+]