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Datum : 07/09/15 | Theme : Life | Kategorie : Pressemappe

Press pack: Opening of the ARaymondlife factory

With its new plant in Saint-Egrève, the ARaymond Network is being provided with the means with which to realise its development goals for its healthcare operations. Our Press Pack is available for more information.  Download the Press Pack  … [+]

Datum : 02/02/15 | Theme : 150 YEARS | Kategorie : Pressemappe

ARaymond 150 years press kit

"150 years of history of an extraordinary company, launched by one man, and continued by four generations of entrepreneurs, to build one of the world leaders in the feld of fastenings for the automotive market. The company is now operated by 6,800 employees worldwide and is entering new markets such as industry, energy, or health care...&… [+]