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Datum : 01/06/17 | Theme : Life | Kategorie : Pressemitteilungen

ARaymondlife, Accinov and Disposable Lab have pooled their expertise to offer biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical laboratories a comprehensive solution for innovative biopharmaceutical aseptic processing.

Accelerating time-to-market for new drugs depends on several factors—specifically the capacity to quickly develop the first technical, clinical and feasibility batches in the right environment. Complying with best manufacturing practices and keeping costs low are also key. Single-use technology has the potential to transform pharmaceutical… [+]

Datum : 06/23/16 | Kategorie : Presseartikel

Who's the Boss? | Ego La Revue

Well, that all depends on... the boss! And on the hierarchical relationship they want to create with their employees. Recently, both big and small businesses have been testing new management models, not without debate and questions! Do liberated companies, servant leadership and slow management really work? Convinced that his company can only be… [+]

Datum : 06/23/16 | Kategorie : Presseartikel

ARaymond, "Glocal" company | L'Usine Nouvelle

At ARaymond, we don't feel the pressure of time. This family company, created in 1865 from a patent behind the invention of the snap-fastener in 1886, has never "let the short term get in the way", in the words of its president, Antoine Raymond, from the fifth generation of family bosses. The automotive supplier is constantly thinking… [+]

Datum : 06/16/16 | Kategorie : Pressemitteilungen

ARaymond, eine Geschichte industrieller und menschlicher Innovation – Achtsamkeit

CEO Antoine Raymond ist überzeugt, dass das Unternehmen der Zukunft nur mit vereinten Ressourcen, Talenten und Know-how wettbewerbsfähig sein kann. Der Führungsstil muss sich zu einer wahrhaft gemeinschaftlichen Arbeitsweise hin entwickeln: Ein Führungsstil, der auf der Philosophie des sogenannten „Servant Leadersh… [+]

Datum : 04/29/16 | Theme : Life | Kategorie : Presseartikel

SCHOTT Pharma Newsflash - Insight Forum for Ready- To-Use Solutions in Aseptic Manufacturing - English Version

It’s clear that as the market becomes more complex and challenging, the pharma industry and its suppliers must become better, faster and smarter than ever before. The “Insight Forum for Ready-To-Use Solutions in Aseptic Manufacturing”, organized by SCHOTT in 2015, was designed exactly along that line. The event brought toget… [+]

Datum : 04/26/16 | Theme : Life | Kategorie : Pressemitteilungen

Pharmaceutical packaging industry leaders form the Matrix Alliance to help manufacturers speed breakthrough treatments to market - English Version

Pharmaceutical packaging industry leaders form the Matrix Alliance to help manufacturers speed breakthrough treatments to market. The Alliance was formed on the initiative of Vanrx Pharmasystems with inaugural members ARaymondLife, Daikyo Seiko, Datwyler Group, Ompi, Schott AG, Schott Kaisha and SiO2 Medical Products. Each member brings u… [+]