ARaymond Netzwerk News

Date : 01/24/17 | Theme : Life

ARaymond Turkey on the way to build a stronger foundation for a sustainable future

For the past ten years, ARaymond Turkey* has been steadily expanding production lines at its Kocaeli plant near Istanbul. Faced with growing demand from the automotive sector, the plant recently decided to increase both its production and warehouse capacity on-site. As a result, ARaymond Turkey is constructing a brand-new 2500m² extension to t… [+]

Date : 01/20/17 | Theme : Life

ARaymond rises to meet new challenges within the Indian automotive industry -English version

On the 8th December 2016, ARaymond participated in the 3rd annual ITB technical fuel systems conference in Pune, India. ARaymond* was represented at the conference by Laurent Guerbé, Global R&D and Innovation Director for Fluid Connection, who presented a session entitled “Quick Connectors: Trends for Fuel and SCR systems for cars,… [+]

Date : 01/18/17 | Theme : Life

FlexTruss- a flexible truss support for delicate plants - English version

Dutch agricultural company RedStar is a specialist in the world of tomatoes as they have been growing high-quality varieties in Europe for over 60 years. RedStar products are known for their flavour, but often the sweetest tomatoes can be the most difficult to produce because of the support systems needed for the plants. Recently RedStar has been u… [+]

Date : 01/17/17 | Theme : Life

High-Strength Retaining Rings – a superior fastening solution

Sometimes the best solutions are also the simplest. When it comes to efficient design, ARaymond™ high-strength retaining rings are leaders in their category. Made from corrosion-resistant 300 Series Stainless Steel, high-strength retaining rings are a long-life product which ensure a tight hold where it’s needed most. Living up to AR… [+]

Date : 12/23/16 | Theme : Life

ARaymond entwickelt maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für den wachsenden mexikanischen Tomatenmarkt

Zuwachs in der Gewächshausproduktion Während der letzten Jahre hat Mexico die Tomatenproduktion in Gewächshäusern rasant erweitert. Die Tomate, eine einheimische Pflanze in Mexico, ist in der heutigen Küche unverzichtbar, und somit ist Mexico im nordamerikanischen Markt mit großen Exporten nach den USA und Kan… [+]

Date : 12/09/16 | Theme : Life

Die Metallklammer ist die neue Schraube für Paneele

Wenn es um Montage geht, ist der erste Gedanke nicht immer der effizienteste. Das gilt auch für die am häufigsten verwendete Methode. Es gibt jedoch großartige Teile, die können an der Produktionslinie wahre Wunder vollbringen. Wie steht es also mit der Paneelbefestigung? Schrauben, Bohren und Schweißen sind nicht die … [+]